The New Lead Crystal Battery Innovation is Here!

The SAFE Battery that does NOT sulphate

Plus… Super-fast charge, extremely deep discharge, durable and transportable, and available right now from Brisbane’s authorised Lead Crystal Battery supplier

What makes Lead Crystal batteries better value for money?

  • A 100amp/hr standard battery gives you 30 usable hours.
  • A 100amp/hr lead crystal battery gives you 80 usable hours!
  • Which also means you can buy a smaller lead crystal battery for the same usable hours as a larger standard battery.
  • Plus, all lead crystal batteries come with a 3 year guarantee!!!

What makes these batteries special, the technology explained in 84 Words…

Lead Crystal Batteries

Lead crystal batteries have special features, including a unique micro-absorbent mat, thick, high purity plates made from a life- extending lead calcium selenium alloy, combined with a SiO2 based electrolyte solution. This improves the reaction ability between the electrolyte and active material on the plates to prevent it becoming brittle and falling away which boosts the life cycle.

When it’s charged/discharged the liquid changes into a crystallised state which greatly reduces the risk of electrolyte leakage, making it safer to transport, store and use.

Uses for lead crystal batteries

Any application where lead acid, lead gel or AGM batteries are used including:
Lead Crystal Performance Chart

12 Reasons Why Consumers Prefer Lead Crystal Batteries

1 – Safety:
No risk of leakage, uses safer chemicals, less fluids thanks to crystallisation.
2 – Long battery life:
8-12 years usage (only 2-3 years for lead acid, 3-4 for lead gel and 5-6 years for lithium).
3 – Better performance:
Charges up to 2 times faster than current batteries, plus exceptional high current charge ability.
4 – Extreme temperature usage:
Works in extremes from -40° C to +65° C.
5 – Long shelf life:
Store up to 2 years with NO refresh charge needed.
6 – Cleaner:
Less acid, no cadmium or antimony – protects environment.
7 – Greener:
Up to 99% of it is recyclable.
8 – Guaranteed performance:
3-year factory warranty is standard.
9 – Easy to transport:
Classified as non-hazardous which means it’s the only battery permitted as “normal goods” air freight.
10 – 4WD Friendly:
Can be fitted under 4wd bonnet without avoiding the 3-year warranty.
11 – Does not sulphate:
Use it “all the way” down to near zero volts, leave it for a week or so and it recovers to normal performance.
12 – FULL recovery:
Can be discharged 100% and then restored daily.
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